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i sit here wondering what i should do today. it’s almost noon and i’m still sitting here. am i not focused? am i not ambitious? maybe i’m just quiet this thursday. maybe i feel the nothingness of emptiness (as if a human being can be truly empty). so filled with ideas, dreams, wants, and still i sit here. does it really matter if i get up and go? will the world be a better place because i drove downtown and took some photos (my plan for today)? i guess the question is, will i be a more fulfilled woman if i create photographic documents that capture the way i see the urban jungle? i find this journey called life to be perplexing and off-kilter, perhaps because i don’t know what i’m looking for, other than to escape to peace and quiet. well, i surely won’t find that in the core of the city on weekday. but just maybe i’ll find something else worthwhile….

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the first day

it’s early morning and i’m daydreaming about a new life in a new place, far from what i know. am i brave enough to venture forth? or will i use logic to find ways to remain in the status quo? the sun is washing over me as it reaches quietly through the window and i feel a sense of hope that everything will be alright. hasn’t it always happened that way in the end?

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