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so lazy

just don’t wanna do it. just don’t want to paint and repair and do home improvement stuff. my house isn’t selling. apparently no one wants fixer-uppers anymore, not at least here in florida. so i have to try and fix the so many things wrong with my broken bungalow. but it won’t happen. not all of it. it would take a whole lot of money, something that there isn’t a whole lot of in this house. and besides, i don’t really want to do it. i didn’t do it for myself and i don’t want to do it for someone else. i don’t believe in this unquiet neighborhood enough to spend time, energy and money on this house – even though i should.  

now there’s only one more house for sale around here. i noticed a couple of women looking at it yesterday. perhaps they’ll buy it, and then it will just be my little wooden house for sale. maybe then the perfect person will see it and want it. and then i can be free.

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one more day

monday, oh monday. here i am. i made it through one more monday workday. and now i’m home and i get to listen to the pounding bass coming from my neighbor’s house. how can i listen to my poet self in the midst of chaos and thunder? sometimes i just wanna run away.


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