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Look at me standing here like I know what I’m doing,

Like I know where I’m going and I’m not afraid to go there.

Let the rain smash against me, plundering my very existence,

Plastering my clothes and my hair to my body like an artist

Because it sure doesn’t feel like this human being is moving.

Sometimes I wonder at the scope of my dreams, at the very breath I take.

I look back for my shadow and it’s not there, hiding, no doubt,

From the wrath of my very Catholic guilt for not becoming good.

I’m not the successful one, I’m not sure how to step forward

Into the darkness, I don’t understand how to live a life of meaning.

So does it matter if I stand in the thundering rain like an idiot

Waiting for the light to turn green, looking like I might step off the curb

And walk to somewhere and someone who might actually care?

This is a strange world and I’m a stranger in it, no doubt about that,

And damn if I can decipher my relevance in this loud stomping place.

So let the rains soak me, melt me, pound me until there’s nothing left

To gather up in this corner that I have painted as human and alive,

As hopeful and poised, even if only for a second or two.


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