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i saw a red cardinal perched in the foliage of a tree, singing to its mate hidden somewhere in the forest of my neighbor’s yard. she would answer in a soft sweet tone. he would then call back in his loud lilting voice. no doubt they continued their conversation long past the time i left them to go into my house and tend to my humanly duties.

if i was a cardinal i would sing all day because the weather is stunning and there is plenty of food and many grand old oaks to choose for cover. no economic worries for me. no scary thoughts of foreclosure and homelessness. no decisions to be made in the upcoming presidential election. no searching for jobs that do not exist anymore. all i would do is sing and be happy and eat bugs or whatever cardinals delight in…and stay out of the way of the cats who prowl below, waiting for a distracted moment.

one day, in the near future, i hope i can sing like the cardinal because i no longer worry and fuss and stomp and shout about the way i am living.

the sun is reaching down into the darkness and i will fly. how about that.

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