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how did it become almost the end of september? where have i been? i cannot believe that christmas is a mere three months away. i can feel fall in the air, even though i live in west central florida. yes, it’s still in the 80s but that draining humidity is gone, at least i no longer feel it, and now i can actually breathe. my border collie is beside himself with excitement at the cooler weather. a “hot” dog he is not. he literally dances for joy in the cool morning air. my older dog now sleeps peacefully, instead of fitfully. my cats have more energy; a couple of them are acting a little on the wild side. are they experiencing an ancient memory of a time when cats were undomesticated?

we do not have central heat/air in this crooked bungalow in which we live, so whatever is happening outside is happening inside. so we say goodbye to summer (and soon to our annual hurricane season), and start to turn our minds to the holidays coming up. there is no money this year so we will celebrate with chocolate, tasty dog and cat treats, and candles in the fireplace.

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she’s gone

when she was two weeks old, i saved her life. pushed away by her siblings because she was too weak to fight for mama’s food, i fed her. and even though she had a defective heart, she grew into a beautiful kitten who was often too weak to dash madly about the house like her brothers and sisters. i felt sorry for her as she silently watched them play, so i invented a game for her that we could play together. it was called ‘sweeping the sweetie.’ she would attack the broom and then i would sweep her body with it, tickling her face and her belly. she thought this was the greatest game.

sweetie died on tuesday. her heart and lungs gave out. she was almost six years old, far older than the veterinarian, who diagnosed her bad heart, said she would live to. always a very sensitive cat, she often hid in the bushes to shield herself from the world. i understood that, and i never tried to coax her from her safety. i would bring her food and water to her chosen den until she was ready once again to face life outside her fortress.

our ‘sweeping the sweetie’ game is now over forever. 

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