so this is it

quiet like a cat stealthily prowling in search of prey, i found myself looking for the path of destiny. somewhere under the leaves, i stepped upon an ancient word that led me back to where i began – to myself. all it said was ‘you.’ why is that we sail around the world, climb thunderous mountains, dive to the bottom of the seat, and fill our days with busyness, when all we need is within? when all we need is what we came into this world with? some strange journey this is.

simple wind

it’s a gloomy day and the wind drifts through the trees and plants outside my window. i feel a slight chill clutching at my bare feet that travels up my nerves to pinprick my skin under my sweats. i am a warm-weather person. give me heat and i am happy. strange that this should be so, considering i was born and raised in western british columbia, a land of rain, cool weather, and brilliant-but-not-hot summer sun. it’s interesting to speculate about how someone came to be where they are now. how did i end up spending my entire adult life in west central florida? to this day i still miss the mountains; my spirit is a mountain girl but my face to the world wants the tropics. sounds like hawaii to me. maybe one day. 


i sit here wondering what i should do today. it’s almost noon and i’m still sitting here. am i not focused? am i not ambitious? maybe i’m just quiet this thursday. maybe i feel the nothingness of emptiness (as if a human being can be truly empty). so filled with ideas, dreams, wants, and still i sit here. does it really matter if i get up and go? will the world be a better place because i drove downtown and took some photos (my plan for today)? i guess the question is, will i be a more fulfilled woman if i create photographic documents that capture the way i see the urban jungle? i find this journey called life to be perplexing and off-kilter, perhaps because i don’t know what i’m looking for, other than to escape to peace and quiet. well, i surely won’t find that in the core of the city on weekday. but just maybe i’ll find something else worthwhile….

the first day

it’s early morning and i’m daydreaming about a new life in a new place, far from what i know. am i brave enough to venture forth? or will i use logic to find ways to remain in the status quo? the sun is washing over me as it reaches quietly through the window and i feel a sense of hope that everything will be alright. hasn’t it always happened that way in the end?